Introducing The 212 NexT Fund

Technological transformation at the core of global change continuously reshapes sustainable development and economic growth. The European Green Deal and similar initiatives emphasize the significance of the green transition, bringing challenges and opportunities for traditional sectors. One of the leading solutions lies in the potential of deep technologies. Their capability to transform traditional sectors addresses sustainability issues like carbon emissions, waste, and water and also boosts productivity, driving economic growth. Advanced materials, in particular, are emerging as pivotal deep tech areas.

With this in mind, we’re proud to announce Turkey’s first deep technology fund focusing on Advanced Materials: 212 NexT. Material technologies herald a new era as enablers, reshaping value chains from chemistry to textiles, packaging to energy. With 212 NexT, our mission is to pinpoint and champion disruptive material technologies capable of redefining global value chains and democratizing deep tech access for investors and industries. Deep technologies demand a foundation in scientific research and technology. They are nurtured in laboratories, necessitating intricate, prolonged R&D processes and infrastructure. The innovation ecosystem thus requires thematic funds and infrastructures that can collaboratively facilitate startups’ market access.

Here’s what makes 212 NexT exceptional:

  • Fostering Deep Tech Investments: Establishing the 212 NexT fund allows us to reach a broader audience while highlighting the need and potential for investing in deep technologies. We aim to inspire other companies and investors to venture into this realm. We aim to democratize access to deep technologies, creating value for investors and the industry.
  • Strong Partnership Networks: Disruptive technology holds answers to how the world can survive under ever-changing conditions. We are excited that the industrial sector has the power to kickstart this transformation and disruption. We have built a strong partner network of investors, including our anchor investor Akkök, which allows 212 NexT to fill a critical gap. A global player encompassing 23 companies across sectors like chemistry, energy, and composite, Akkök Holding brings its extensive market experience, robust infrastructure, and human capital. Startups that 212 NexT invests in will benefit from early access to Akkök Holding’s testing and pilot production infrastructures, gaining a valuable corporate partner for market access.
  • Technical Expert Committee & Advisory Board: Another distinguishing feature of 212 NexT is the Technical Expert Committee and Advisory Board we’ve set up, constituted of renowned figures in the international ecosystem. Together, we will evaluate startup technologies and support their growth processes.
  • Global Outreach: With 212 NexT, we plan to invest in early-stage startups worldwide. We eagerly await startups working on material technologies to reach out to us, ensuring competitive and scalable solutions in the global market.

In conclusion, 212 NexT brings together innovative deep tech ideas and resources to shape a better future. If you’re a startup in advanced materials and looking to make a difference, we want to hear from you.