Akkök Holding and 212 in Industry and VC cooperation: 212 Next

Akkök Holding collaborated with 212 and established the deep technology fund 212 Next. 212 Next will invest in startups focusing on material technologies.

We have been familiar with industry and startup collaborations for quite some time. In fact, we had previously discussed the 2024-2026 Medium Term Plan at Politikod and touched upon the details of venture investments by institutions. These mutually beneficial collaborations are now also reflected on the VC side. This has different benefits, just like in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Let’s talk a little bit about these benefits.

VC (Venture Capital) companies usually invest in new and high growth potential startups. They are experienced in providing financing, as well as strategic guidance and networks. Industrial companies, on the other hand, are usually large-scale, well-established companies with sector-specific expertise and can support startups with resources such as technical know-how, marketing and distribution networks. VC and industry collaborations can take many different forms.

For example, a VC firm can introduce a startup in its portfolio to an industrial company and help them leverage their marketing and distribution networks. The industrial company can guide the startup on product development or operational processes. In short, these partnerships enable faster steps to be taken in terms of financing, marketing and distribution networks, expertise, guidance, innovation and various collaborations, making it a win-win model for both parties and even for the startups.

Now, Akkök Holding one of the important industrial groups of our country, has collaborated with 212, whose investments we closely follow in our country, and established the deep technology fund 212 Next in this context.

212 Next targeted startups focusing on material technologies

212 Next will specifically target startups that focus on material technologies. At this point, the question “what are material technologies?” is surely on many people’s minds. Let’s answer right away; material technologies are a discipline that encompasses a series of methods and processes designed and applied to improve the properties and performance of materials. Materials technologies, which include many stages from the production, processing, characterization and applications of materials used in the fields of engineering, science and technology, are widely used in automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics, electronics, medicine, construction and many other industrial sectors.

This is exactly where 212 Next comes into play. This fund will focus on advanced materials and innovative deep tech startups. Advanced materials are found in industries ranging from energy to automotive, biomedical to construction, and offer clean, efficient solutions that minimize waste and energy consumption.

At the moment, the size of the fund is $17 million and it is estimated that in the next few years the size of the fund could reach up to $30 million. Since the fund is based in Luxembourg, the focus will be particularly abroad.

In conclusion, the fact that Akkök Holding and 212 have collaborated to create such a fund is a noteworthy development, especially in today’s world where sustainability is gaining importance. We will see which companies 212 Next will invest in in the coming period.

Source: https://webrazzi.com/2023/10/13/sanayi-ve-vc-akkok-holding-212-next/